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March 2023
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Fort Polk and the Kisatchie National Forest (KNF) are jointly implementing a performance-based monitoring and evaluation program known as the Sustainability and Environmental Monitoring Plan (SEMP). The SEMP was developed in connection and is being implemented in accordance with the 2004 Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment Transformation and Installation Mission Support, Joint Readiness Training Center and Fort Polk, Louisiana, and Long-Term Military Training Use of Kisatchie National Forest Lands, and the associated Army and Forest Service Records of Decision (RODs).

The SEMP helps Fort Polk and KNF to monitor and evaluate progress toward goals and objectives established in five areas:

· Sustainable training lands;
· Biodiversity and sustainable ecosystems;
· Sustainable facilities;
· “Be Good Neighbors”; and
· Continual improvement.

Fort Polk and KNF worked together to complete both the EIS and the SEMP. The SEMP, along with a list of mitigation measures adopted by Fort Polk and the KNF, was published in Appendix V of the Final EIS.

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“We must strive to become systems thinkers if we are to benefit from the
interrelationships of the
triple bottom line of sustainability:
mission, environment, and community.”

– R. L. Brownlee, Acting Secretary of the Army
– Peter J. Schoomaker, General, United States Army, Chief of Staff


Fort Polk and Kisatchie National Forest SEMP